Fact or Fiction?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The sheer quantity of information on the internet is overwhelming. After spending four years doing research papers for college, I seriously believe that I could spend years searching the internet for the "truth." Mind you, a few months would be spent getting sidetracked by memes and funny videos. While the internet can be super useful and entertaining, we have to remember that anyone can publish anything. If you believe something to be true, you can almost always find some information or article backing that belief.

I am addressing this because there are so many myths involving health and fitness. Instead of taking the time to verify if said "fact" is true, people are willing to accept it and regurgitate it. A large majority of the stuff I read in personal blogs, see on twitter, and read in women's health/fitness magazines is inaccurate.


You won't gain weight if you eat after 8pm.

Your body doesn't know the difference between said "good" foods and "bad" foods, only the macro nutrients it receives.

It is nearly impossible to gain a pound in one day.


Do I need to go on?

Do your research! Don't trust everything you read.


What is the most obnoxious piece of fiction you have come across recently?

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  1. How about this one? Lifting any weights will lead to women looking bulky and muscular. I get so tired of the girls in my workout classes complaining about lifting a weight more than 5 lbs because they don't want to be bulky.