Eating and speed peeing- CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

Friday, April 27, 2012

Life can be busy, difficult and might just kick your ass on occasion. The best way to avoid that last part is to plan ahead.


I woke up in a slight panic this morning because I have a lot going on these next few days. I work tonight from 4-close and I work the opening shift tomorrow from 8:45-4pm. If you count the hours you will realize that I don't work enough for a lunch, but I do have enough hours for two, 10-minute breaks. By the time I get up to our break room, 10 minutes turns into 8 and I have to speed pee if I want to eat anything.  Since I am not technically allowed to eat while on the clock, I have come up with a nice workaround that my managers won't mind.

I will bring the usual snacks for break (fruit and whatnot), but instead of just taking a water bottle down to the sales floor, I am going to take a bottle of whey down with me. If you work an hourly job like I do, you might be able to convince your managers to let you do this. Most don't mind as long as it doesn't spill or interfere with work.

I really dislike working through mealtimes, but you do what you have to do.

Despite the fact that my job has me standing all day, I plan on getting a cardio and weight session in before work.  I am a firm believer in no excuses. You are responsible for your results.


What are your go to snacks for a busy day?

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  1. Great idea with the whey! Smart thinking.

  2. I like Mrs. Mays Cashew Crunch and a banana. Also I have NO clue why I wasn't following you on wordpress before! I must never have been logged in.

  3. haha! I relate!! I work in a pediatrician's office - front desk - and in 6 months I think I've actually had three whole lunch breaks. I just fast through my workdays but back in my waitressing days I smuggled food in. I just ate it confidently and acted like it was no big deal and everyone else followed suit! lol