Twitter mistakes you should avoid

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm sure all of you have had new followers do something that really annoys the crap out of you. Here are some simple Twitter faux pas to avoid in order to retain happy followers.


  • Send auto reply messages to every person that follows you. This makes people think you area robot and don't have time to say hello like a normal person.

  • Follow only pretty people. If someone is following you who shares similar interests (like fitness) follow them back. People don't follow just to listen to you talk to yourself.

  • Harass people to "try your product". I have had companies continue to offer me discounts to buy their product that night. Don't do it! It comes off as extremely tacky.

  • Just post your thoughts and links on Twitter. You should be engaging with other people to get to know them.


  • Take a genuine interest in your followers. You would be surprised who you might hit it off with. You might even learn something new.

  • Ask questions. Twitter can be a wealth of knowledge if you connect with the right people.

  • Share pieces about yourself that have nothing to do with your blog or main twitter topic. People enjoy engaging with those who are interesting.

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  1. Great points. I've been sharing my blog. Trying to get it out there. I'll wait a little to talk about it. I don't want to seem cheese or rude. Thank guys.

  2. Great list... engaging with other ppl really is the best way to utilize twitter.

  3. I looove this!!!! Wonderful advice! Couldn't have said it better! SPALove!

  4. I enjoy having random conversations on twitter. I've made some lasting connections that way.

  5. Awesome tips. I hate the auto replies when I follow. makes em want to unfollow.

  6. Great points. I don't like the auto replies either and tend to ignore people who use them! Just a bad first impression I think.