Yume Lacquer Review

Friday, November 22, 2013

Today I have some fun polish from Amanda at Yume Lacquer. All of her polish is inspired by fantasy, anime, manga, sci fi, and video games. 

Courageous Thunder



Courageous Thunder is a metallic green with pink flecks of glitter based on Sailor Jupiter. I picked this one out because I was really attracted to the subtle pink glitter. The application was very smooth, and only required two coats. 

Polishes used: 2 coats of Yume Lacquer- "Courageous Thunder"

Submerged Siren



Submerged Siren is a gorgeous metallic aqua blue based off Sailor Neptune. I did not want to take this color off! I'm definitely going to try to use this for stamping in the near future.

Polishes used: 2 coats of Yume Lacquer- "Submerged Siren"

Detective Prince



Detective Prince is a metallic royal blue based on the Persona 4 game. This color is perfect for this time of year if you wanted to do a winter/snow themed manicure. I think white snowflakes stamped over the top of this would look really cool. 

Polishes used; 2 coats of Yume Lacquer- "Detective Prince"

Seventh Generation Weapon




Seventh Generation Weapon is a silver based color with gold hexagon glitter, and irregularly shaped silver glitter. It can be used as a topper or worn alone. This is one coat of Seventh Generation Weapon over Detective Prince. I wasn't a huge fan of this in person because I discovered I am not a huge fan of irregularly shaped glitter. The application was smooth, and I did not have to fish for glitter

Polishes used: 1 coat of Yume Lacquer- "Seventh Generation Weapon"

Time Distortion



Time Distortion is a simple metallic silver based on Sailor Pluto. The color really speaks for itself. The application was easy-peasy. If you are looking for a simple silver and want to support an indie maker, this is it!

Polishes used; 2 coats of Yume Lacquer- "Time Distortion"


Yume Lacquer has a great assortment of metallic colors. I was pleased with the formula and application of all of the colors I tested. I was not partial to Seventh Generation Weapon because I don't care for irregularly shaped glitter. This is in no way a reflection of the polish quality, just a personal opinion. 

*All colors were generously provided for review

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