Getting Back into the Groove

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

After taking a whole week off from lifting, I am getting back at it. My allergies planned a sneak attack and took me out last Tuesday. All last week I was itching to go lift, but my body said otherwise. I was dizzy, congested and flat out couldn't breathe. The funny thing is that after a week off, I was feeling decent yesterday. The problem was that I didn't want to lift. After having a "vacation" style week, I had become complacent.
I LOVE lifting, and pretty much everything about it, but occasionally I'm just not feeling it. There are several ways I break through that mental plateau. Yesterday, it was all about getting out there regardless of what I ended up doing. I focused on my regular routine and added in some up-beat, high energy music. Some days I decide to do more, and others I just stick to the bare bones. The important part is getting to that higher level of activity so your endorphins kick in and remind you why you love being active.
How do you deal with working out when you lack motivation?

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