Make Good Choices!

Friday, September 13, 2013

While I can't remember what movie used that line obsessively, the phrase has pretty much stuck with me. Recently, "make good choices" meant don't skimp out on your workout. Commit to it completely and don't slack off. What I should have taken from the phrase is that I need to pay attention when things don't feel right.

On Wednesday I decided to use the "grease-the-groove" method for pull-ups. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the phrase, it means that you do at least one pull-up every time you pass your pull-up bar. I have always struggled with pull-ups and figured that would be a great way to improve my strength. While doing a few negative reps (starting at the top and controlling your descent) I felt my right elbow pop and I temporarily lost control of the movement. I climbed down and bent my arm a few times, but everything felt fine. I decided to brush off the experience and continued to do pull-ups throughout the day. That night was a completely different story.

I went to bed and probably slept for a few hours before I woke up with an excruciating, shooting pain around my elbow. It hurt regardless of how I positioned or contracted my arm. This continued to happen throughout the evening. After doing some searching I am pretty sure I am experiencing tennis elbow. According to what I read, rest is the best option.

As of right now, my current lifting program is being suspended until further notice, and I guess I am going to take up running?

The moral of the story: If things pop/rattle/click, get them checked out before continuing with your workout. Also, don't google your problems like I did, go see a professional.

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