Nail Tisane Review

Friday, November 15, 2013

Today I have a new indie brand to share with you. Nail Tisane is run by Danii and encompasses many different types of polish. You can find everything from jellys to holos. Danii was kind enough to send me five unique colors to swatch and review.

Holographic Steam



Holographic Steam is a taupe/sandstone color loaded with sparkle. I found the formula excellent to work with.  I have a few brown holos, but this one is truly unique in color. This is currently a prototype, and is not yet available in her shop.

Polishes used: Nail Tisane- Holographic Steam (2 coats)

Ultros Glam



Can we just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous this is? I really enjoy the low-key blue and red sparkles. It's subtle, but just enough to catch your eye. The application on this was incredibly easy and it dried quickly.

Polishes used: Nail Tisane- Ultros Glam (2 coats)




Pale is a translucent, milky base with several shapes of iridescent glitter and white diamond glitter. I wish there had been more iridescent glitter (of all shapes and sizes) as well as a few more diamonds. The formula was a bit runny, and was difficult to control. I spoke with Danii, and she said that she was transitioning over to a new suspension base. It sounds like the runniness will not be a problem in the future.

Polishes used: Nail Tisane- Pale (2 coats)

Snow Queen



Snow Queen is a very light blue jelly. I personally thought Snow Queen looked nice over white, but I didn't care for it on its own. I wish this would have been as blue on the nails as it is in the bottle. The formula was a bit thick, and had some trouble drying.

From left to right: 2 coats no undies, 1 coat over white, 1 coat no undies

Polishes used: Nail Tisane- Snow Queen

The Horseman's Head



The Horseman's Head is a green jelly made up of iridescent glitter, green hexagon glitter and a flat grey glitter. The formula was also a bit thick, but I found it worth the effort. This is two coats over white.

Polishes used: Nail Tisane- The Horseman's Head, Sally Hansen- Timeless White


Holographic Steam and Ultros Glam were definitely unique to anything I have ever used. I liked Pale, Snow Queen, and The Horseman's Head, but I felt like the formulas were difficult to work with. I would love to see more pigment in Snow Queen and The Horseman's Head to make them true jellys.

Right after Danii sent me these colors she added new holos to her shop. Some colors I found noteworthy are: Wintermint Frosting, Lavender Frosting, and Raven's Wing.

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