Sinister Benediction- The Big Adventure Series Review

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Today I have two fun crellies from Cherie at Sinister Benediction. The full collection consists of four colors, Chuck's BikeORama, Spearmint or Fruit, Everyone I Know Has a Big But, and Breakfast Machine. These playful colors are based on Pee Wee's Big Adventure. If you haven't seen the movie before (and you have a semi-twisted sense of humor) I urge you to watch it ASAP. It's rated PG, but there is definitely some adult humor in there. Without further ado please enjoy these short clips and swatches.

Chuck's BikeORama
Chuck's BikeORama is a whimsical blue crelly with yellow, pink, blue and green glitter. Shown above is two coats with no base color. It was really easy to achieve full coverage, and I didn't have to move glitter around at all. I really like the layered effect this crelly gives you.
Polishes used: Sinister Benediction-"Chuck's BikeORama", Rimmel London-"Lasting Finish Pro"
Spearmint or Fruit

Spearmint or Fruit is a shimmery green crelly with pink, light blue, yellow, and black glitter. This color is now one of my most treasured indies. It's partially because of the name and theme, but I also really love green! Pictured above is two coats with no base color.
Polishes used: Sinister Benediction-"Spearmint or Fruit", Rimmel London-"Lasting Finish Pro"
I really dig the Pee Wee Herman theme, and the quality of the polishes definitely lived up to the hype. If you were to pick up only one color from Sinister Benediction, I highly recommend Spearmint or Fruit.
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*All colors were generously provided for review

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