Spy Princess Nail Lacquer Review

Monday, November 25, 2013

Today I have two unique colors from Chrissy at Spy Princess Nail Lacquer. Both colors are from the Archer collection, and are completely unique to anything I have seen commercially or otherwise.

Danger Zone

DSC_0003_edited_watermarked DSC_0023_edited_watermarked

Danger Zone is a blue, orange and silver glitter topper. I opted to wear this over grey because it seemed like the perfect color to make this pop. I think it would look equally as nice over white. This was really easy to apply, and had plenty of glitter. If you give the bottle a serious shake before applying, make sure you thoroughly wipe off the brush otherwise you will end up with too much polish.

Polishes used: 1 coat of Spy Princess- "Danger Zone", Essie- "School of Hard Rocks", Rimmel London- "Lasting Finish Pro"

Codename: Duchess 

DSC_0037_edited_watermarked DSC_0039_edited_watermarked

Codename Duchess is a glitter topper filled with silver hexagons, smaller green circles, and orange micro glitter.When applied over a traditional white, it made the base color appear cream, which I really liked. This was also easy to work with and had the perfect consistency.

Polishes used: 1 coat of Spy Princess- "Codename: Duchess", Sally Hansen- "Timeless White", Rimmel London- "Lasting Finish Pro"


I don't know about you guys, but I really enjoy companies that keep a consistent image from lacquer color to their company design. If you like funky and unique glitter toppers, Spy Princess has some pretty cool options. The formula was great to work with and I enjoyed the unique "vial" style bottles.

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