Sweet Heart Polish- Death Is Only the Beginning review

Monday, November 11, 2013

Do you see where this is going? THE MUMMY. Cassandra of Sweet Heart Polish released a whole line based on The Mummy. I don't think you guys understand my excitement here.
I decided to take this in a non-traditional direction to see all the fun ways you can wear these gorgeous holos.
Book of Amun-Ra
Book of Amun-Ra is a perfect description of this ultra sparkly color. This is a yellow/gold holo with slightly larger holographic glitter. It was a little bit thick, but I still found it easy to work with as long as you removed excess polish from the brush.  I'm going to be totally honest with you guys, I hate yellow and wasn't excited about this one. The crazy thing is, I FREAKING LOVE THIS! I swatched it over yellow and started to warm up to it, but then I put it over white and fell in love. You win Cassandra, I actually love this yellow holo!
Polishes used: From left to right: two coats of Sweet Heart Polish Drink Book of Amun-Ra no undies, two coats over Sinful Colors Unicorn, two coats over Sally Hansen Timeless White, and one coat over Orly Liquid Vinyl.
Oasis of Ahm-Shere
Oasis of Ahm-Shere is an emerald holo. As you can see it is incredibly sparkly in a low light setting. Despite it's more pigmented appearance, I felt like this polish was a little easier to work with than Book of Amun-Ra. I did a quick test of this over white (not pictured) and it made the green appear lighter and more mermaid like. I personally prefer it over black to add more depth.
Polishes used: Orly Liquid Vinyl, two coats of Sweet Heart Polish Drink Oasis of Ahm-Shere
Drink From the Nile
Drink From the Nile is a super rich medium blue holo. I found it dazzling in a low light setting as well as in the sunlight. I caught myself staring at the sparkles several times throughout the day. The formula was a great consistency and applied very evenly. I have been wearing this color for a few days now and have received several compliments.
Polishes used: Orly Liquid Vinyl, Sweet Heart Polish Drink From the Nile
I am really impressed with this whole collection. Cassandra really surprised me with Book of Amun-Ra, and I am 99% sure I will burn through the whole bottle. Sweet Heart Polish definitely hit a home run with this collection. I am looking forward to seeing upcoming collections from Sweet Heart Polish.

All colors were generously provided by Cassandra for review.

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