Week 1 in Review: Why Everything Hurts Right Now

Friday, January 03, 2014

I want to talk about how I am feeling for a moment. This is has been my first week back at weightlifting. I took almost four months off due to a recurring injury. I feel like a train wreck. My biceps, triceps and obliques hurt with almost every movement. Sneezing or coughing is painful. Despite all the pain, I am happier than I was last week or even in the last four months. I feel strong again despite lifting lower numbers and struggling through certain parts of my training. Mentally, I feel alert and reasonably well rested.

For you New Years Resolutioners, keep at it. It might feel awful for the first few weeks, and you will not see changes as soon as you had hoped, but it gets easier. I set goals in November  2012 just to start weightlifting regularly. I never imagined that I could achieve a 180lb deadlift.

For the seasoned gym goers, bodybuilders and runners: if you see someone new who seems to be struggling, ask if they want help. They may be crowding your gym for now, but it's because they want to become a badass like you. Give them the support they need to stick around. I'm not saying you have to hold their hand, but giving them an occasional compliment will really make their day.


This is my gym in case any of you were wondering. We finally got around to cleaning the garage, so we can even park the car to the left of the bench and still lift. It's not fun lifting in the cold, but it honestly beats waiting for equipment.


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  1. I love this. I'm trying to get back into my workout groove and going the p90x route. you're so right about the support part of it all!

  2. I'm on the fence about this....I see a lot of weird stuff at the gym. In fact, the other day I saw a guy doing squats on his tippy toes. I wanted to tell him to stop doing that and put weight on his heels but felt weird about doing that. I don't know him. He doesn't know me, why would he take my advice?

  3. I get that side of things too. I think it is still worth saying something politely. I really hope someone would tell me if I was doing something dangerous.

  4. Do you have a twitter account by any chance? There are a lot of great fitness enthusiasts on there. I highly recommend it if you are looking for support and motivation.