Black Heart Beauty- Sweet Dreams

Friday, April 18, 2014

I have to start off by saying that I am a HUGE fan of quirky nail polish. If it glows in the dark or changes color I need it. When I got this awesome skull I had to know if it lived up to it's glow in the dark claims.

Sweet Dreams is a glow in the dark, neon pink creme with small bits of silver glitter. For not being a huge girly girl or a pink lover, I like how loud this color is.

I used two coats of polish and was able to get really nice coverage, and the formula was pleasant to work with. The third photo shows how intensely it glows with just one minute of charging. If you were to wear this color all day in the sunlight I think it would glow for several hours.

Polishes used: Black Heart Beauty- Sweet Dreams, Revlon- Quick Dry Top Coat

Do you like glow in the dark polish?

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  1. That's cool that it glows in the dark. The color itself is very fun and bright.

  2. I looooove this! Where do I get it? I love glow-in-the-dark and neon. Expect a lot of those things from me. :)

  3. It was on clearance at Hot Topic. I don't know who would want to get rid of this beauty!