Daphine Polish- Top Ten Collection Review

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Today I have four super unique colors from Daphine Polish's Top Ten Collection. The collection consists of ten different colors inspired songs. There are some really fantastic colors in this collection that I did not swatch and review, so I highly recommend that you check out her store and Facebook page to view the rest of the collection.

Little Black Heart

Little Black Heart is a blue grey crelly with blue & silver hex glitter, blue square glitter, black & blue circles and black hearts. This color was inspired by Little Black Heart by Sister Hazel. It took three coats to build up to full coverage. The formula is a little on the thin side and made it a bit more difficult to apply larger glitters. I had to do a lot of fishing just to get the two hearts shown. All of the other glitters came out willingly. I like the visual composition of this color, so I didn't mind the fishing too much.

Cosmic Girl

Cosmic Girl is an orange crelly with light holographic sparkles. It features yellow, green and pink glitters in various shapes and sizes. This color is inspired by Cosmic Girl by Jamiroquai. I used three coats to achieve near full coverage. I found the formula to be even thinner than Little Black Heart. Most of the large glitters did slip off of the brush before I could apply them to the nail, but they were not difficult to fish for. This one is super squishy and has a lovely holo shimmer that really adds to the depth.

Last Beautiful Girl

Last Beautiful Girl is a purple crelly with blue & silver squares, purple hexagon, and irregularly shaped purple glitter. This was inspired by Last Beautiful Girl by Matchbox Twenty. The pigmentation on this color was much richer than the other three I reviewed, so I was able to achieve full coverage with only two coats. I didn't have any issue with finding the larger glitters. They all came out willingly and in large numbers. I've always been on the fence on irregularly shaped glitters, but I think the ones included add a nice touch.

Drop In The Ocean

Drop In the Ocean is a blue jelly with blue hearts, holo hexagon, silver circle and light green hexagon glitter. This color was inspired by Drop In the Ocean by Michelle Branch. The pigmentation was a great deal lighter than the other three colors in this collection, so I used four coats in the photos above. I like the color, but I would have preferred a more pigmented jelly. The formula was about what I would expect from a jelly, not too thick and not too thin. I did have to fish for hearts, but it wasn't any more difficult than any other large glitter. 

I really think this matches up with the song it was inspired by. I'm actually sitting here listening to The Spirit Room singing along as I type this up. This is just barely related, but when The Spirit Room came out I remember watching the music video for Everywhere on MTV thinking about how badly I wanted her blue guitar. This album was what made me eventually take up guitar. 

If you would like to pick up some Daphine Polish of your own, be sure to visit her store:

***Product was provided for review

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  1. All of these are lovely! Love creamy shades packed with glitter in them.

  2. Cosmic Girl looks like rainbow sherbet and that makes me happy.