Lucky 13 Lacquer Mist and Shadow, Cloud and Shade Review

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hey guys. Today I have Mist and Shadow, Cloud and Shade from Lucky 13 Lacquer. After seeing all the lovely swatches out there I knew I finally needed to wear this beauty.

Lucky 13 Lacquer Mist And Shadow Cloud And Shade

Lucky 13 Lacquer Mist And Shadow Cloud And Shade

Mist and Shadow, Cloud and Shade is a periwinkle crelly with two sizes of square holographic glitter, blue holographic hexes and tiny blue dots. The formula was a nice consistency, and I was able to achieve full coverage with two coats. This color looks gorgeous in some other swatches across the internet, but for some reason I was unable to get much glitter out of the bottle. 

Lucky 13 Lacquer Mist and Shadow Cloud and Shade

I just took a quick photo on my phone to show you what's going on with the glitter. I don't have a magnet that is strong enough to try that trick, but all the glitter on the outside of the bottle won't budge when I shake it. 

I'm seriously in love with this color, but was disappointed that the glitter is all stuck to the side of the bottle. I have not contacted Lucky 13 Lacquer about this issue because the bottle was a gift, and I have no way of showing that I am the first owner. 

Polishes used: Lucky 13 Lacquer- Mist and Shadow, Cloud and Shade, Revlon- Quick Dry Top Coat

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  1. I like it! That periwinkle shade is really pretty. Have you tried a paperclip? Un-bend it so that it fits in the bottle with a straight edge down the side of the bottle, and go around the outer edge to try to loosen some of the glitters up. I have a ton of pretty strong magnets... maybe I'll have to include one in your box that someday will get sent. (Still waiting on freaking brushes! UGH)

  2. That is a pretty color but yeah I wish the glitter showed up more.