I'm Obsessed... with Succulents

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I always thought succulents were neat little plants, but I only knew about the typical "chicks & hens" variety. When I mentioned that I wanted to pick up some succulents for the house, my aunt invited me over to shop her yard. I thought I was going to head home with a few "chicks & hens" (sempervivums), but I left with this insane haul:

echeveria rosea, aloe, sempervivum, sedum, succulents, oregon

echeveria rosea, aloe, sempervivum, sedum, succulents, oregon

My apologies for the dark, cell quality photo. I was so excited when I got home that I needed a couple photos.

aloe, echeveria nodulosa, echeveria minima, aeonium kiwi, haworthia, jelly bean plant, sedum

From there I obtained starts for a little jewel plant & a ghost plant from swapping cuttings on Reddit. 

propagation, echeveria nodulosa, echeveria rosea, Pachyveria glauca, Graptopetalum

And one of my dear friends bought me an echeveria minima from Etsy:

echeveria minima

I have a problem, right? Well, after that I went to one of our local nurseries in search of some succulent hybrids, but ended up leaving with another sempervivum:


So what is it that makes succulents so appealing? For me, I find them visually pleasing because of their natural geometry. They are also relatively easy to care for, and self- propagate. That cute sempervivum in the photo above produced all of those babies (aka pups) on her own. I could separate those out and have about twenty more plants. 

What are your thoughts on the succulent trend? Do you have a green thumb, or does everything you touch turn brown? I'm not trying to pass judgement, but if you like plants and have a brown thumb, you should buy a succulent.

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  1. Frack man, I LOVE succulents, but I always kill them! :( I think I over water. I don't know. I've killed cacti, nothing is safe. I used to have a dozen plants on the go. Now I have three left. I'll just live vicariously through you, sound good?

  2. Done deal! I bet you do over water them. I had to break that habit quickly. You only water when the soil is dry. During the winter, that could be as little as once a month. I would totally send you some babies, but I think customs would flip out.

  3. I kill ALL THE THINGS. I want to do some cool succulents in a miniature cemetery setting or something. You're inspiring me with all your cute little creatures.