Rain City Lacquer Blueberry Macaron

Friday, September 19, 2014

This is one of many colors that has been hiding in my "vault" for a while. When I started going through this photo set all I could think about was how insanely long my nails were. While we are on that topic, let's discuss nail length and shape a bit. What do you guys prefer?

I personally like keeping my nails shorter than what I have them in the photos. Right now they are about a quarter to a half inch beyond the edge of my finger. While I love my square (occasionally squoval) nail shape I've always wondered how I would feel about almond nails. When done correctly, almond nails look really elegant. Leave me your thoughts below!

On to the swatches and review:

Rain City Lacquer Blueberry Macron

Rain City Lacquer Blueberry Macron

Blueberry Macaron is a lovely light blue crelly with pastel dots, black dots and black hearts. The formula was a nice consistency, and the dots came out willingly. I spent a great deal of time flipping the bottle upside down in the hopes of attracting more black hearts, but had no such luck. By the end of this mani I managed to get one heart per hand, so that was a bit disappointing. 

Overall, I love the color and the whole Milk & Macaron collection, but I was hoping to get more hearts out of the bottle.

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  1. This is an interesting color! Very much Spring-y, I think.

    I like all sorts of nails, as long as they are taken care of. If you want to do almonds, go for it! You could rock it.