Nail Brush Care

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Whether you have a cheapo set of nail art brushes from China, or a nicer set purchased at a salon (also probably from China), it's important to take good care of your nail tools. I set up a super simple tutorial to keep your brushes in tip top shape.

nail art brush care emerald & ash

After using your nail art brushes clean them in acetone to remove any excess polish. Immediately after that, wash your brushes with warm, soapy water. Pat dry with a lint free towel.

nail art brush care emerald & ash

Next you will take any bottle of cuticle oil, and run your brush across the top until it is completely saturated. I used Emerald & Ash in this tutorial.

nail art brush care emerald & ash

Cap your brushes (if you still have the plastic covers) and store them in a way that doesn't bend the bristles. 

This isn't a perfect solution, but it helps deal with the harsh affects of acetone. 

Do you have any nail tips or tricks? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great tips on your brush care! I do everything you just showed except I don't use cuticle oil on them. I should start though since I have noticed that they have been getting hard and brittle from using acetone as the cleaner on them.

  2. You're so much nicer to your brushes than I am. I soak them in acetone, wipe them clean on a paper towel, and put them away. :\