Baroness X Outré Violet Opal & Royal Oil Review

Monday, December 01, 2014

I really don't think you are ready for this squishy, rainbow shifting goodness. When I received swatch mail from Baroness X I had no idea what the package would contain. As I began unwrapping Outre Violet Opal a beam of bright light opened up in the sky to illuminate this glorious jelly. I might be exaggerating, but it sure felt that way.  

Baroness X Outré Violet Opal

Outre Violet Opal

Baroness X Outré Violet Opal

Outre Violet Opal is a deep purple jelly packed with rainbow shifting glitter. The shift appears in all lighting, but is actually less noticeable in bright light. I observed a more intense shift just wearing this around the house. The swatch above shows one coat over black with three coats as an accent nail. The formula was a nice consistency and provided decent coverage. 

Baroness X Outré Violet Opal

The swatch above shows the same mani topped with Essie- Matte About You.

Baroness X Outré Violet Opal

The wide range of color shifting was nearly impossible to capture in just a few photos. I did my best to display the incredible transition of each piece of glitter. If you look at my pinky finger, the large piece of glitter shows orange, yellow and green all in one.

Royal Oil

Baroness X Royal Oil Cuticle Oil

I decided to take an unconventional approach to reviewing Baroness X's brand new cuticle oil. Upon receiving my swatch package, I started using her Royal Oil. The package arrived on November 24th, and I diligently made a point of applying it over the next five days. 

On the 25th I applied the mani you see in the photo. I wore that mani through baking a pie and cake from scratch. I also wore it through deep cleaning the house, dishes, and cutting back our arborvitae (which took three hours in the rain and wind). As you can see from my mani, it's been through a lot. I took that photo today, November 29th. I didn't edit the photo in any way aside from cropping & watermarking it. I feel like the photo really speaks for itself. 

The formula of Baroness X's Royal oil is gentle and soaks in quickly. I love how the jolly rancher scent smells! 

Please take a moment to check out Baroness X across the web. I can't say enough about her wonderful products!

*Products were provided for review

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  1. Wow. That color is super pretty!

  2. (in creepiest voice possible) You're pretty!

    No really, you are =). I searched for a hilarious movie scene to share with you that's very loosely related, but it doesn't seem to be all that popular. If you get a chance you should watch Life After Beth. It's a zombie movie starring Aubry Plaza.