Enchanted Polish Freeze Machine over Firecracker Lacquer Forever With Me

Friday, March 20, 2015

I don't usually gush over glitter toppers, but holy cow you guys! Enchanted Polish Freeze Machine is a stunner. I debated on what to use for undies, so I used a tried and true method to choose: I sent a snap (aka a photo in Snapchat) to a handful of friends. It went back and forth for a little while, but the winner was Firecracker Lacquer Forever With Me.

Enchanted Polish Freeze Machine
Hint: hold down on the photo and save to your phone for a glitter background

Enchanted Polish Freeze Machine Firecracker Lacquer Forever With Me

Enchanted Polish Freeze Machine Firecracker Lacquer Forever With Me

This turned out to be one of those drool worthy manis that I didn't want to take off. Of course, I chipped it within a day. If you missed my review of Forever With Me you can find it here.

As for Freeze Machine, I love the color but I found the formula to be a little thick for me. It wasn't unmanageable, but I will definitely thin it out a little before I use it again.

If you would like to recreate this mani you can find these lovely indies here:

Firecracker Lacquer

Enchanted Polish

Discussion: Do you have a favorite color combo? 

*Forever With Me was provided for review. Freeze Machine was a giveaway prize. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Love glitter so this one is really pretty.

  2. This is stunning! I looooove how well they pair together!