I Love Nail Polish Peri Me & Fame

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Do you ever have those moments where a color just calls to you? I had that happen when I Love Nail Polish announced their spring collection. Not only are the colors beautiful, but a bunch of them are wedding themed. Yes, I know tons of people get married each year. I just thought it was a fun coincidence.

I Love Nail Polish Peri Me

Peri Me is a lovely blue holo with pink flecks. It was incredibly hard to photograph, so I decided to take a bottle close up so you could get the full effect.

I Love Nail Polish Fame

Fame is a gold fleck polish consisting of several shades of gold flakes. With one coat you can usually see the base color. At two coats Fame reaches full coverage.

I Love Nail Polish Fame Peri Me

I Love Nail Polish Fame Peri Me

I Love Nail Polish Fame Peri Me

My swatches show two coats of Peri Me with one coat of Fame near my cuticles. I was pleased with both polish formulas (as always with ILNP). They are very different formulas (one holo one flake), but they applied like a dream. I had a huge complaint with this mani, but it had nothing to do with the polish. 

For the "v" shaped accent I used Orly Nail Guides and they were a complete nightmare. They are so sticky that they stuck to regular polish and gloss top coat. I tried to lessen the adhesive by sticking it to my hand and then removing it, but that made them completely lose their stickiness. 

Let's sum this up:

I Love Nail Polish Peri Me and Fame are both fantastic. Orly Nail Guides are garbage.

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  1. This is beautiful! The combo is gorgeous. Also, I'm super loving their new bottles. Square all the way. :)

  2. Those two paired together is perfection! I really want to try more ILNP colors now.