Firecracker Lacquer The Void & My First Fimo Design

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I've always had mixed feelings about fimo canes. Whenever I saw them used in nail art they appeared gaudy. I was given the opportunity to try these thanks to a friend, and it really changed my opinion of them.

The key to a subtle fimo decoration is the slice thickness. Too thick, and your slice won't sit flat. Too thin, and your polish will show through light colored fimo slices. If you don't mind the color showing through, thin slices are the way to go.

With a little practice I discovered that the easiest way to cut thin slices is to hold down the cane on a cutting mat (or board), and push down gently with a hand held razor blade. Don't get them confused with the kind you shave with. You want one with a handle like this. It will take a little practice, but eventually you can get them as thin as resume paper.

Firecracker Lacquer The Void

Firecracker Lacquer The Void

Firecracker Lacquer The Void

For this mani I used Firecracker Lacquer The Void, and two different fimo cane designs. As you can see, my fimo cutting and application wasn't perfect, but I'm not mad about it. In the future I would probably dab a little extra top coat underneath the white flower so that the color was even. 

Have you used fimo canes? If so, let me know what your preferred method of cutting and application.

*Polish was provided for review. All opinions are my own

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  1. I have fimo on right meow! Thanks to you. I love that the thin, lighter colored designs have the polish color show through. That way you can match it to whatever polish you have on, easily. :)