Jindie Nails Just Say Glow & Revlon Enthrall

Friday, June 12, 2015

I've said it several times before, but my friend Shelby is an absolute doll! In one of the packages she sent me, she included Jindie Nails Just Say Glow. Needless to say I've added a ton of Jindie colors to my wishlist.

Jindie Nails Just Say Glow Revlon Enthrall

Just Say Glow is a metallic peach to copper color with gold glitter. The formula was easy to work with, and built up to full coverage with three coats.

Jindie Nails Just Say Glow Revlon Enthrall

I decided to accent Just Say Glow with Revlon Enthrall. It's a black creme with gold shimmer. I would call it a near dupe of OPI Designer Series Mystery. The color isn't an exact dupe, but it's fairly close. The formula was fairly thin, but opaque. I was able to get full coverage with two thin coats.

Jindie Nails Just Say Glow

I normally try to take bottle shots of glitters, but I couldn't get a decent one with the shape of this Jindie Nails mini. Instead, I decided to try out a finger close up. I don't know about you, but this 100% reminds me of the Brady Bunch opening because of the grid-like photo.

I am so pleased with Jindie Nails that I think I need most of her colors. Do any of you own colors from Jindie? 

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  1. Nice paring of the two colors here.

  2. That Jindie is really pretty! I think I have one somewhere but I don't remember. #polishaddictproblems I do have a few on my wishlist though.