Baby Foot - Original Exfoliate Foot Peel Review

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Press sample

This is possibly one of the most bizarre things I will ever review for you guys. Remember, this is coming from someone who is totally ok with putting snail secretions on her face in the form of moisturizer. I'm willing to go there.

Disclosure: If you are one of those weird foot-fetish people you can leave now. There will be no photos of my feet in this blog post.

Baby Foot is an exfoliant foot peel. It's like getting a strong chemical peel for your feet. If you've never done a chemical peel or used an AHA at home I will break it down for you a little bit. What you are doing is applying an acid which forces your skin to peel prematurely. Chemical exfoliants are used over physical ones because they tend to be more gentle.

If you know me, I don't do feet. A lot people have nasty feet and it's caused an aversion to them as a whole. That means you are going to have to look at photos of this box while I recount my experience with Baby Foot.

Each box of Baby Foot contains instructions, tape, and two booties filled with the chemical.

See the feet on the box below? Nasty! My feet weren't anywhere near that bad when I used this. I had some callousing from wearing flip flops in Vegas for a week, but other than that my feet were in ok shape.

I followed the directions on the box and started with a short pre-soak in water to soften my skin. After about 5-10 minutes I patted my feet dry and stuck them in the booties. At this point I sat down for the full hour soak, but found myself incredibly fidgety. I can sit down and binge watch OITNB or House of Cards, but don't you dare tell me I need to sit down for one hour for my safety.

After my soak I took a full shower to make sure that I got rid of all of the chemical. I wore socks and slippers around the house because literally everywhere I stepped smelled like the lavender fragrance they used in Baby Foot. Normally I love lavender, but smelling it for that long made me nauseous.

Fast forward three days. I'm taking a nice, long, relaxing bath when I notice the bottom of my feet. They looked like a corpse that had been floating in water for a month. Well, at least the fake corpses you see in tv shows. I have a morbid curiosity, so I felt the need to touch my feet. The skin actually started to slide off in HUGE chunks. Insert a gag and shudder from me on that one. Just a note, this happened two days before the box said peeling would occur.

My feet continued to peel for about a week after that, which was about 10 days total after the application. I found it absolutely necessary to wear socks everywhere. If you wear socks you will have to shake out a substantial amount of dead skin into the garbage regularly. If you choose not to wear socks you should probably have a Roomba following you at all times.


Baby Foot may not be for everyone. The scent was ok, but overwhelming at times. The peel action was absolutely disgusting, but reasonably effective. I probably wouldn't use it again unless my feet were incredibly gnarly. It's not that the product was bad, it was just a huge hassle to keep all that nasty dead skin in check. 

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