KBShimmer Open Toad Shoes Nail Art, Plus a Cuticle Oil & Hand Care Review

Friday, November 20, 2015

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I'm so not ready for autumn to be over. Instead of moving on to winter themed manis, let's appreciate some of the rich colors of autumn for just a few more days. To kick this off, I have some KBShimmer nail art for you.

KBShimmer Open Toad Shoes Soul Deep

KBShimmer Open Toad Shoes Soul Deep

Products used

  • KBShimmer- Open Toad Shoes, Soul Deep
  • Nail Vinyls
  • Bohemian Polish- Flash Dry
KBShimmer bath and body sugar scrub raspberry vanilla lotion

One of the fun treats we got at Cocktails & Colors this year was a KBShimmer bag packed with a variety of of hand care items. With so many delightful treats, it took me a little while to test and review them.

Raspberry Vanilla Lotion

KBShimmer raspberry vanilla lotion

The raspberry vanilla lotion smelled wonderful! If you were a fan of the Bath and Body Works scent, this one smells even better than that. The lotion soaks in quickly, and doesn't leave your hands greasy.

Pink Sugar Scented Sugar Scrub

KBShimmer Pink Sugar scented sugar scrub

It's no secret that pink sugar is one of my favorite hand care scents. Not only did it smell nice, but it smoothed out any rough patches I was dealing with at the time.

Lemongrass Cuticle Oil

KBShimmer Lemongrass Cuticle Oil

Lemongrass is for cooking... right? If I'm being totally honest here I wasn't sure that I was going to like this scent at all. It sounded like something that should be used to season food, not something you would use to scent a cuticle oil. Boy was I wrong! KBShimmer took the typical lemongrass scent and sweetened it up with a touch of vanilla. It has that fresh, clean scent of lemongrass with a hint of something more. Both the scent and the formula were exactly what I was hoping for. It only took me two weeks to get through all of the oil in this pen because I was obsessed with it. That's got to be some kind of record.

Rainbow Finish Point Tip Tweezer

KBShimmer Rainbow Finish Point Tip Tweezer

This beauty stands up to acetone when my plastic-handled tweezers could not. It's fantastic for nail art, and is super easy to clean up (if necessary).

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