Lavish Living Bath Boutique Introduction & Review

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Press Sample

I've recently become a huge bath addict (I'm looking at you LeeLoo Soap, and Lush). When I was given the opportunity to try and review products from a brand new indie bath brand, I couldn't contain myself. Enter Lavish Living Bath Boutique, maker of all things lavish and happy.

Lavish Living Bath Boutique bubble bar sugar scrub hand soak cuticle oil

Juicy Gummy Bubble Bar

Lavish Living Bath Boutique Juicy Gummy Bubble Bar

Scent: Exactly like juicy gummy bears
Bubbles: I used half of the bar in my standard sized bathtub and it filled the entire tub with 4-6 inches of bubbles.
Notes: I was really impressed with the scent and the longevity of the bubbles. My bath lasted about 45 minutes, and the bubbles only diminished minimally.

Juicy Gummy Whipped Sugar Scrub

Lavish Living Bath Boutique Juicy Gummy Whipped Sugar Scrub

Lavish Living Bath Boutique Juicy Gummy Whipped Sugar Scrub

Scent: Just like juicy gummy bears. It's identical to the bubble bar scent
Texture: A smooth, whipped product with a little bit of exfoliation
Notes: This sugar scrub will leave you feeling squeaky clean. I take about half a tablespoon of it and work it into a small lather before using.

Vanilla-Jasmine Hand Soak

Lavish Living Bath Boutique Vanilla-Jasmine Hand Soak

Scent: A sweet mixture of vanilla and jasmine
Moisturizing: You bet it is! After a five minute soak my hands were significantly softer
Notes: I love that this hand soak comes in powdered form. It let you control how much you want to add to the water.

Cuticle Oil

Lavish Living Bath Boutique Cuticle Oil

Scents: Dreamland reminds me of maybe lavender? I'm not entirely sure, but it is soothing. Carnival is like cotton candy in a bottle. I find it to be intoxicating.
Soak in time: These take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to soak in depending on how dry your cuticles are.
Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, and fragrance. If you are allergic to nuts, they are happy to replace the almond oil with another carrier oil. 
Notes: I really enjoyed both cuticle oils, but if I were to order I would definitely go for the carnival scent because I love sweet things.


Lavish Living Bath Boutique has a wonderful assortment of products and scents available. I really think there is something for everyone out there. The shop will be offering 25% off purchases between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These deals will be available between midnight on Black Friday (the second the clock changes from Thursday to Friday), and will close at midnight on Cyber Monday. All orders will receive a coupon and a sample.

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