Aliexpress Christmas Plate Bundle Swatches

Sunday, December 06, 2015

I want to start off by saying that I'm not affiliated with Aliexpress or the person who sells these plates. I just happened to take a chance on one of their stamping plate specials. The plates included in the trio were: MR-01, MR-02, and MR-03.

They are mostly winter/holiday plates, but there are some Easter images mixed in. I did a quick (and sloppy) demo to show you how well they stamp.

AliExpress stamping plate christmas MR-01

AliExpress stamping plate christmas MR-02

AliExpress stamping plate christmas MR-03

AliExpress stamping plate christmas MR-03

Any weird smudging or overlapping was a result of my quick stamping, and was NOT a reflection of the plate quality. I just wanted to get this done asap so that you guys might be able to pick these up before the holiday season is over.

I think I paid around $6 for all three plates shipped during a special. As of right now they are going for around $6.29/set depending on who you order them from. Mine were shipped via ePacket, which tends to be much quicker than most international mail. 

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