Painted Polish Delilah 2.0

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Painted Polish is on the menu today. I can't seem to get enough of Lexi's sparkly creations, so here's Delilah 2.0.

Painted Polish Delilah 2.0

Painted Polish Delilah 2.0

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: Blue and purple multichrome with holographic glitter
Coverage: 3 coats
Notes: Sparkle sparkle! There's absolutely no human way to do this shade justice. All of the Femme Fatale colors look far more magnificent in person than they do in the photos. 


This shade is a replacement for the original Delilah, but was released in limited quantities. As I type this, Delilah 2.0 is still available for $13, but it is marked as retiring. If you like Delilah 2.0, don't hesitate to pick it up soon. I have a feeling that once it sells out it will be gone forever.

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