Retro Nail Art Featuring Polish Addict Nail Color and UberChic Beauty

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This color combo is so retro-ugly that I love it. I didn't set out to create this look, it just kind of happened. I picked the base color, and then dug around until I could find a color to stamp with that would match the polish.

sherbet nail polish with glitter and stamping

sherbet nail polish with glitter and stamping

I started with three coats of Polish Addict Nail Color Heat Wave and topped it off with a quick dry top coat. Once that was dry I stamped over it using UberChic 2-01 and Lickety Split Lime. I gave the stamping about five minutes to dry before I topped it off with the same top coat I used previously.

Products used

  • Polish Addict Nail Color- Heat Wave
  • UberChic Beauty 2-01
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri- Lickety Split Lime
I don't think I could have created an uglier mani, and I'm pretty proud of that. Am I the only one who loves it because it's ridiculous?

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