March Clairestelle8 Nail Art Challenge - Flying

Sunday, March 20, 2016

I feel like nail art challenges really bring the best out in me. I don't always push my own nail art boundaries, so it's nice to have the push to do something unique. That said, today's mani is a fairly simplistic take on the @clairestelle8mar challenge prompt of "flying".

Let's start off with the base for this look. I wanted something that reminded me of a bright sunny sky, so I used Bliss Polish Thirsty. It has a pretty green shimmer that's ridiculously hard to capture. You guys are going to have to trust me that it exists.

Bliss Polish- Thirsty

light blue nail polish with green shimmer

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: Blue crelly with multichrome flakies and green shimmer
Coverage: 3 coats
Notes: This one is way prettier than my photos would lead you to believe. The green shimmer is just perfect.

hot air balloon nail art

hot air balloon nail art

For the final look I stamped over Thirsty using Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Pronto Purple, and MoYou London Mother Nature 06. 

Products used

I think you could have taken the prompt a number of different ways, but I opted for hot air balloons because I hadn't used that part of the plate before. 

On a more personal note I wanted to talk a little bit about the blog itself. You may have noticed that I'm no longer posting Monday through Friday. From here on out (or at least through summer) I will be posting on a semi flexible schedule. I aim to have at least two to three posts a week, but it's going to depend on how busy I am. New collection swatches will always be posted no later two weeks after I receive them, but anything beyond that will be on that casual schedule. I'm opting for this kind of a posting schedule for a number of reasons. The weather is starting to get nice, and I want to spend more time outside working in the yard, and going on hikes. The other reason is that with all of the content creation I have less time to browse and enjoy everyone else's nail art. I love the social aspect of blogging, and I would like to get back to more of that. I hope that you guys stick around, but I understand if you don't. If you want to help me get back to that social part of blogging leave me a comment! I love chatting with you all =)

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