March Clairestelle8 Nail Art Challenge - Easter

Sunday, March 27, 2016

It's almost a miracle that I managed to get the final challenge prompt completed. This week has been incredibly busy, and Saturday the house tried to kill me. Ok, so the house isn't haunted but there's a good chance we have gremlins or something like that. Regardless, I knew I had to complete my final mani for the challenge. Here is my Easter themed mani for the final March #clairestelle8mar challenge:

Easter nail art maniure

Easter nail art manicure

Products used

Recreating the look

  1. Paint nails with yellow until nearly full coverage
  2. Apply top coat
  3. Create a gradient using damp makeup sponge and the three gradient colors
  4. Stamp over gradient using teal
  5. Seal with top coat


Despite all of the craziness, I'm so happy I made time for this mani. It turned out just like I had hoped it would. I think it might even be my best one yet! If you missed my previous mani for the Holi prompt you can find it here.

Did you do an Easter themed mani? If so, leave me a comment with your Instagram handle so that I can check it out!

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