Baroness X Royal Oil Refill Tutorial

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Baroness X Royal Oil Refill Tutorial- Press Sample

Refilling a cuticle oil pen can be a little challenging if you haven't done it before. I previously did a tutorial for the KBShimmer cuticle oil pens, so I thought it was time that I do one for my Baroness X cuticle oil pen.


cuticle oil pen succulents

You need nothing more than a Baroness X cuticle oil pen, a cuticle oil refill, and a paper towel.

Step 1: 

cuticle oil pen disassembly

Gently twist the clear tube until it pulls free from the cuticle oil pen.

Step 2:

cuticle oil pen disassembly

Unscrew the black cap at the end of the clear tube.

Step 3:

cuticle oil pen disassembly

Pull the plastic piece containing the spring from the clear tube.

Step 4:

cuticle oil pen reassembly

Refill the clear tube with cuticle oil while leaving enough room to replace the spring inside the capsule. Once the spring has been replaced you can screw the black piece back on the tube. 

This is possibly the most important step of the whole tutorial. When placing the tube back into the pen do it gently. If it doesn't seem to fit in the first time, rotate the tube 90 degrees and try again. There should be a slight click or give as you replace it.


This is by far the easiest cuticle oil pen I've ever refilled. The entire process was seamless compared to other pens currently available. You can find Baroness X cuticle oil pens and scents online at

If you have any questions please leave me a comment below. I'm happy to help!

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