Ever After Polish Burning Twilight Review

Friday, May 27, 2016

I've been doing some reading on how to make this blog better. Most of my reading has been on writing copy, and how to find your voice. I'm admittedly shy, and I'm afraid that comes through on my blog more frequently than I care to admit. I'm one of those people who is really quiet until you get to know me better. If I've ever come off as standoffish, it was completely by accident. I enjoy interacting with all of you, so please feel free to leave me comments.

Today's post features my first Ever After Polish shade. I know that I've swatched a couple of Ever After shades before, but this was hanging out in my untrieds. Ever After Polish Burning Twilight was originally a custom created for Traci at Newsie Nail Novice. It became quite a hit, so it was released publically some time after that.

We had a rare bout of sunshine, so I have outdoor swatches in addition to my usual indoor ones.

blue nail polish close up

blue shimmery nail polish

blue holographic nail polish

Formula: A little thick, but not unmanageable
Finish: Cobalt blue holo with copper shifting flakies
Coverage: 2 coats
Notes: This is one of the more unique uses of shifting flakies that I've seen. I'm quite fond of the contrast between the warm flakies and the cool blue.

I'm quite fond of my first Ever After Polish shade, but I feel like I need to address the shipping.* One thing I would like to note about the whole experience is that it took quite a long time to get my polish. Their policies state 2-14 days just to ship, but it took significantly longer than that. I went back into my Paypal history to verify the time frame. I paid for my order on January 15th, it was marked as "shipped" on February 13th, and it arrived on March 2nd according to USPS tracking. To break that down for you, it took 29 days to get a shipping label, and another 18 days for it to arrive at my house. That's a grand total of 47 days from ordering to delivery. I'm no Veruca Salt, but I don't expect to wait over a month and a half to get something I paid for.

*Edit: I want to add that Burning Twilight was a preorder shade. From my memory, there was no eta given on shipping. 

Please disregard the prior statement. It appears as though there was a mix up as I had a swatch package that was shipped around the same timeframe. Both shipping numbers were displayed on my Paypal invoice, and I overlooked the second one. I did feel like shipping took longer than I expected, but not anywhere near the amount of time I suggested in my previous statement. I'm incredibly sorry for the mix up.


I absolutely love Burning Twilight. You can currently find it for sale at the  Ever After Polish website for $11 plus shipping.

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