Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer May Destination Trio

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer May Destination Trio- Press sample

I know this is crazy late, but USPS decided to take my polish on vacation before it landed here. I'm a little bit jealous that my package got to visit Alaska before I did. Anyway, let's dive into the Destination Polish Trio.

This month's trio is a collaboration between Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer, Northern Star Polish, and Darling Diva Polish. The inspiration for the trio was this photo that Kristin took while in Chicago:

Pretty sweet, right? Just wait until you see these swatches. Let's start off with a macro teaser:

glitter macros

Moon Glow

yellow nail polish

yellow nail polish

Formula: Normal consistency, but I had issues with self-leveling
Finish: Yellow jelly with pink and blue sheer flakies
Coverage: 4 coats
Notes: I had issues with this not self-leveling. I swatched it on two different occasions thinking that it was me. Each time I ended up with the same result. I also found it necessary to apply four coats to get even coverage. I contacted Julie about this and found out that I was the only one having this issue. I have not yet tried adding thinner as I wanted to give an honest review. I will add thinner for future uses. 

Make A Wish

blue nail polish

blue nail polish

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: Blue creme with blue shimmer
Coverage: 2 coats
Notes: Everything about this shade was delightful. It applies smoothly and barely needs a second coat.

Undomesticated Diva

raspberry nail polish

raspberry nail polish

Formula: A little thick, but not unmanageable
Finish: Raspberry holographic with holo micro glitter
Coverage: 2 coats
Notes: This is pretty much what DDP is known for. A rich, pretty holo with some sneaky shimmer. If you love DDP's holos, you need this.


You can currently purchase the May Destination Trio from all of the shops for $30 shipped domestically, or $30 with a prorated international shipping fee.

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