Citrus Slices featuring Bohemian Polish

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bohemian Polish- Press Sample

I recently got a wonderful package of bleached neons from Bohemian Polish to share with you guys. I haven't had time to swatch them yet, but I really wanted to showcase them in my entry for today's @clairestelle8challenge prompt. With fruit being the prompt, I had a multitude of ideas flowing through my head. Should I do strawberries? Watermelon? Grapes? After some debate, I came to the conclusion that citrus slices would probably be the most interesting. Here is what I came up with:

citrus nail art

citrus nail art

I started with a base of Bohemian Polish Mojave Morning because it has pretty little flecks of blue that sparkle in the right light. It's a limited edition shade from Cocktails & Colors 2015, so it's unlikely you will see it again. If you happen to find it in a destash, don't hesitate to pick it up!

Once my base was dry, I plotted out where I wanted each citrus slice by outlining the location with corresponding shade. From there I filled them in completely according to the outline color. Some shades needed spot retouching to even out the color, but most of the slices were opaque with one coat. As soon as the slices were reasonably dry, I painted on the final outlines. 

Products used

  • Bohemian Polish- Mojave Morning, Love You, Golden Hair, Long Gone, Snowbound
  • nail art brush
This was an easy nail art project for me. I don't see why anyone would have much trouble with it unless you struggle with making circles. If that's that case, I would recommend making circle decals on a silicone mat so that you don't ruin your base shade. If I were to redo this look, I would pick up a better quality detail brush so that I could achieve crisp lines. 

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