China Glaze Neon Swirl

Monday, July 18, 2016

Let's be honest for a moment. Not everything I create turns out well. Sure it's par for the course, but I want everything I create to be loved on some kind of level. Even if a whole mani sucks, I want to be able to say "man, I did x well." I can't think of a single thing I love about this one. It's like I threw Barny into a blender and added sparkle because it wasn't... interesting(?) enough. Yeah. It's not great, but I vowed to show you just about everything.

purple green nail art

purple green marble

nail close up

I'm starting to think it would have been better if I had left off the Fairy Dust but unfortunately, that's not something you can undo. I think if I were to redo this mani, I would use a lighter shade of purple. I think the stark contrast between the two colors is what turned me off in the first place.

Products used

Today's lesson is that you can't win them all. What was your biggest nail fail? Did it teach you anything important?

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