ILNP Bulletproof Symphony with Floral Stamping

Monday, July 11, 2016

I've never been a huge fan of metallics, and I know I've told you guys this once or twice. There are times where you just have to break your own rules and just go for it. The 2016 spring metallics from ILNP were one of those instances. At first glance, I thought "hell no!" After seeing several swatches of them I couldn't ignore them any longer. Intrigue got the best of me, and several found their way into my cart. It probably didn't hurt that I had reward points and a coupon hanging around too.

When they arrived I looked at them like "meh" before sticking them in my untried drawer. It was one of those moments when I thought "Dammit Courtney, why did you waste your money on that?!" Then one day I pulled one out randomly because I couldn't make a decision on what to wear. My disinterest turned into enthusiasm when I realized that metallic flakies eliminated all issues that come with standard metallics. You no longer had to deal with streaky brushstrokes or visual nail imperfections because flakies have neither of those issues.

Bulletproof Symphony

nail polish close up

purple metallic nail polish

purple metallic nail polish sunlight

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: Light purple metallic with holographic flecks
Coverage: 2 coats
Notes: I was really pleased that all of the flakies lay flat on the nail. I had to push a few of them back onto the nail because they were over the tip, but it wasn't anything significant.

purple nail polish with flowers

I wanted to add some stamping that complemented Bulletproof Symphony without overtaking it. I opted for a darker purple and some damask style flowers.

Products used

What do you think of metallics? Would you try them if they came in flakie form like this did?

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