Painted Polish Aurora 2.0

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Have you ever gone to buy a polish and panicked because it's gone? Painted Polish Aurora was that shade for me. The original was discontinued for reasons I can't recall. I was overjoyed when she announced that there would be an Aurora 2.0. I'm not sure what changed between the two versions, but I adore this one!

Aurora 2.0

nail polish close up

glitter nail polish swatch

glitter nail polish swatch

glow in the dark nail polish

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: Pink, blue, yellow, and holographic glitter in a glow in the dark base.
Coverage: 3 coats
Notes: I believe this could be worn as a topper, but I chose to wear it alone. My swatches show how it glows after a minute of charging under daylight bulbs.


I'm incredibly happy that I finally got my hands on this shade. It's one of those unique polishes that you won't find a dupe of. 

Aurora 2.0 is currently available through the Painted Polish website for $10.

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