Cosmoprof North America 2016 Monday Recap

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I finally had a chance to go through my notes and photos to prepare Monday's Cosmoprof North America 2016 recap. If you missed the recap for Sunday, you can find it here.

Monday was a smidge less overwhelming because I didn't have any formal meetings planned for that day. Armed with three hours of sleep and lot of coffee, I hit the floor. When you are running on low sleep, the "oooh shiny" mentality occasionally takes over. I thought I had more photos from certain booths, but I might have gotten caught up in conversation. That tends to happen sometimes.

Here are some of the highlights from Monday's walk:

Bonita Cosmetics

neon nail polish

halloween nail polish set

nail polish remover wipes

Bonita Cosmetics is a new-to-me brand. I've seen them on Instagram occasionally but overall I didn't know very much about them initially. They have quite a few nail polish collections including an upcoming Nail-O-Ween polish set. Bonita Cosmetics also make other makeup products, many of which I would love to try. I haven't seen this brand in stores before, but I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for them.


nail stamping plates

nail art swatches

nail art designs

nail art demo

The next stop on my list was Moyra. If you are into nail art, I would be incredibly surprised if you haven't stumbled across their products on Instagram. Moyra has a wide variety of stamping plate themes, and they are always coming out with new products. I watched Norka Andrea Sz create on the spot nail art. She was even taking requests! 

MoYou London

nail art plate

nail tools

nail art stamper

nail art stampers

nail art display

MoYou London was something I was really looking forward to seeing in person. I've been a fan of their plates for many years because the quality is impeccable. Of all of the new products available, a couple of them caught my eye. 

The first was the Kaleidoscope Stamper (pictured above). It's unlike any other crystal clear stamper in that it has a cap on both ends to keep the stamper clean. When you remove both caps you have an unobstructed view to help you place your stamp. 

The second item I want to pick up is the brand new Arabesque 01 plate. I love patterns that allow you to create decals, and the arabesque plate provides a lot of options for that.

Be A Bombshell/ Hikari Cosmetics

makeup display

makeup display

eye shadow swatch

Be A Bombshell/Hikari Cosmetics was another brand I was familiar with by name only. I've seen swatches of several products, but I haven't personally tried any of them. After browsing their booth I have to say that I'm impressed with how pigmented everything is. Keep an eye out for swatches of both brands in the future!

A special thanks to Melissa of The Daily Nail for letting me photograph the swatch above.


metallic lip liner

color mascara

eye shadow stick

eye tint stick

bright eyeliner

NYX had the most amazing booth at CPNA this year. Think every single product available all in one booth. It was magnificent and HUGE. There were a million products I thought I took photos of, but my camera roll says otherwise. One of the "missing" products from my camera roll was the Ombre Lip Duo. Check out your local Target to see that one in person.

I'm currently obsessing over the Full Throttle Shadow Stick, the Metallic Liquid Lip Liner, and the Lingerie Eye Tint. I'm going to try my best to find those soon.


nail polish machine

nail polish machine

I know that many of us have dreamed of making our own nail polish. DreaMau is making this a reality with their brand new nail polish machine. Much like a printer, you tell the machine what you want to "print" and it distributes the exact amount of pigment needed for your custom color. The goal is to have this machine available in salons so that they can create a custom polish based off of anything the customer desires. This is currently a prototype, but I think we will be seeing this in salons in the near future.


creme nail polish

As Monday was starting to wind down, I knew I had to stop by Zoya before the show closed for the evening. This is Zoya's new Urban Grunge collection. It features six cremes and six metallic shades. I am currently working on swatches of this collection, so keep an eye out for them in the next couple of days.

Jessica Cosmetics

nail polish box set

Jessica Cosmetics was the final stop on the CPNA 2016 tour. The big take away from that visit was that they have a bunch of box sets coming out this year. Most of the product I saw was embargoed, but this box set will be coming out soon!

That entirely wraps up my two-day adventure on the Cosmoprof North America 2016 floor. I left feeling like I needed a third day because there were many areas that I just didn't have time to visit. With thousands of exhibitors it's impossible to see it all, but I'm hoping to attend all three days next year.

Just a reminder, if there was anything you wanted to see more of please leave me a comment. I have quite a few photos from both days that weren't featured just to cut down on the length of these posts.

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