Cosmoprof North America 2016 Sunday Recap

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I've decided to break up my recap into two parts based on when I visited each brand. Each post will walk you through the floor and show you everything I saw in order. I am omitting some brands and photos just for the sake of brevity. That said, I still think these posts are going to be fairly long.

Cosmoprof North America 2016 was a blur to say the very least. The event was packed with cosmetic and skincare brands from all over the world. No amount of preparation could truly prepare me for what was in store. Armed with a notebook, a spare battery, and my smartphone I embarked on a new adventure.

Morgan Taylor

neon nail polish collection

neon nail polish swatches

autumn nail polish collection

mini nail polish bottles

Morgan Taylor was the first stop of the CPNA 2016 tour. I had the pleasure of sitting down with THE Taylor of Morgan Taylor for a rundown of all the upcoming products. There are a ton of wonderful things coming out in the near future that I can't wait to tell you more about. In the meantime, I wanted to share the upcoming Sweetheart Squadron and the Dia de Los Muertos collection. Both collections are shipping now and should be in stores any day. 


makeup palette collection

makeup palette collection

Next up on the list was Ittse. I didn't have previous experience with Ittse, so it was wonderful to see their products in person. They seem to have something for everyone with a wide assortment of shades. Look out for their artist collaboration coming soon!

Ella + Mila

nail polish collection

pastel nail polish swatches

Ella & Mila won my heart with the logo alone. They had swatch wheels of current and future collections available for comparison. I didn't have room to share all of them here, so if you would like to see more be sure to leave me a comment.


holographic mascara box

Holographic packaging is the quickest way to stop me dead in my tracks. I was not familiar with Cosmoholic prior to Cosmoprof, but their fiber mascara technology seems promising. 


nail polish display

autumn nail polish display

I'm sure you guys are familiar with Londontown's Smudge Fix, but if you aren't please take a moment to look it up. It's ok, I'll wait. Pretty incredible, right? It's even more mindblowing in person. I witnessed a real-time demo of Smudge Fix, and it's just as spectacular as you could imagine. 

If you are ready for cooler nights and darker shades, you might enjoy Londontown's upcoming Time Out collection pictured above.

Simple Sugars

sugar scrub display

I'm a skeptic through and through, so when I saw Simple Sugars on Shark Tank a while back I had a hard time believing their claims. After demoing their product on the floor, they sent me home with a jar to continue the treatment. Could emu oil really help sensitive skin? Stay tuned for a full review!

The Painted Nail

gel nail polish display

I've heard so many wonderful things about Katie and her products over the years. This year I finally got to meet her. If you are unfamiliar with Katie, she runs The Painted Nail salon in Hollywood. She has a new reality show coming up on E! sometime in the near future. I somehow ended up in a bit of the filming with a couple of other bloggers one night, so you may see us for a split second.

Skinn Cosmetics

makeup collection display

lipstick palette

Skinn Cosmetics really blew me away with the variety of products available. If you need it, they probably have it. If not, there's a good chance that your desired product will be launching in the near future. They currently have over 400 products and are adding 4-5 products per month on average.


neon nail polish

Impala is a new to me brand coming all the way from Brazil! They offer a wide assortment of shades and glitters.

How freaking cute are these bottles?! At 7.5mL they are half the liquid of a standard polish bottle, but they are nearly the same height. That means you get a full sized brush!

Color Club

color changing nail polish

color changing nail polish swatch

nail polish stamping plate

nail polish stamping plate

Of all the booths I toured, I think I took the most photos at Color Club. It certainly didn't help that their booth was HUGE. They are introducing a new pro-only travel LED lamp, a ton of new stamping plates, and a new soak off scent. 

Two things that caught my eye were the In The Mood thermal gel polish collection, and the stamping plates. Color Club isn't afraid to do what they want with products, which is why I love them. I'm not going to spoil the fun, but you can definitely count on them to make some unique stamping plates.


nail polish display

nail polish display

The last stop of the day was Orly. They have three major things on the schedule right now, but I'm only allowed to talk about two of them for the moment. Currently, we have the Breathable Collection and Mulholland. 

Breathable is centered around the idea of nourishing and hydrating your nails. Each polish contains argan oil, pro-vitamin B5, and vitamin C. The technology requires no base coat or top coat. 

Mulholland is fairly straightforward. The fun thing about this collection is that it will be released in mini and GELFX form. 

That wraps up my Sunday on the Cosmoprof North America 2016 floor! It's a good thing I took notes otherwise I'm positive I would have forgotten something. If there are any brands you would like to hear more about or photos you would like to see be sure to let me know. Stay tuned for the second recap coming soon!

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