Firecracker Lacquer Dino Shore Beach

Monday, August 08, 2016

Firecracker Lacquer Dino Shore Beach- Press sample

Over the years I've found that group customs can be a fun way to see your polish idea come to fruition. Today's custom is the a result of a photo we voted on in the Firecracker Lacquer group on Facebook.

Dino Shore Beach

sand colored nail polish

sand colored nail polish swatch

Formula: Nice consistency, minor brush strokes depending on application
Finish: Sandy holo with tiny blue glitter
Coverage: 2 coats
Notes: The application was smooth, but if you use too much product you may encounter slight brush marks as seen on one of my nails. The marks can be avoided if you apply thinner coats. I didn't notice the marks until I reviewed my photographs. 

If you would like to pick up this shade, head over to the Firecracker Lacquer fan group for information. 

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You can find Firecracker Lacquer at the links listed below.

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