KBShimmer Flake Me Home Tonight & Poppy Kisses

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

KBShimmer Flake Me Home Tonight & Poppy Kisses- Press sample

We're creeping up on my favorite time of year, so it's the perfect time to start sharing upcoming fall releases with you guys. Today's post features a small sample of KBShimmer's Fall 2016 collection releasing on August 19th. In addition to that, I also wanted to share a handful of bath and body products that are currently available.

nail polish bottles

bath and body products

Pink Sugar Mani Shot- This one is always a winner for me. I love the pink sugar scent, and the mani shots are the perfect size for a mani or a pedi pre-soak.

Picture Perfect Cuticle Cream- Raspberry Vanilla is always a great scent in my book. While cuticle creams tend to be similar, this one stands out for a few different reasons. It's one of the few creams that dries matte, which means that you can take photos of swatches immediately after applying. The other perk is that it comes in this cute squeeze bottle. That means it's sanitary, and you won't screw up your mani trying to get product out. 

Relaxation Lotion- I'm going to be entirely honest by telling you that I don't care for this scent. It smells clean, but it's not something I would probably purchase. That said, the actual lotion is nice. I felt like it did a good job of hydrating my skin.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub- This smells more like oatmeal than it does milk and honey. It's delightfully clean and not at all overpowering. Of all of the scents, I find this one to be the most relaxing. The scrub itself is wonderful for polishing rough skin, or even for general exfoliation. 

Kaleido-Soap- I'm still using this sample, but I'm currently enjoying the light citrus notes. This is a high-quality soap that's sure to leave you feeling clean.

Flake Me Home Tonight

nail polish close up

three finger swatch

mint nail polish swatch

mint nail polish swatch

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: Minty metallic polish loaded with metallic flakes and holo sparkle
Coverage: 2 coats
Notes: From what I can tell, this shade is similar to the Gemstone collection. If you were a fan of the flakie holo combo, I think this will be a big hit. 

Poppy Kisses

nail polish close up

three finger swatch

nail polish swatch

nail polish swatch

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: Orange toned red with linear holo
Coverage: 2 coats
Notes: Of all the reds I own, this one stands out because it hovers between orange and red. I think this was a wonderful representation of poppy fields.

purple bat glitter

Anyone who orders the full 12 piece fall collection will be given a bag of Bat $#*! Crazy glitter (while supplies last). They pair up quite well with many of the fall collection shades, but I'm partial to the Poppy Kisses look I created below.

nail art bats

The entire Fall 2016 collection will be available on Friday, August 19th for $9.25 each. You can find the shades, and others from KBShimmer by following the links below.

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