Born Pretty Mandala Nail Art Featuring Bliss Polish

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Born Pretty Mandala Nail Art Featuring Bliss Polish- Press sample

With the adult coloring craze going on right now it's difficult to not be drawn to color and interesting shapes. When Cynthia reached out to me on behalf of Born Pretty Store, I expressed interest in reviewing one of their lovely mandala plates. I also thought it would be a good time to try their latex-free cuticle stickers.

nail art collage

Latex-Free Cuticle Protecting Adhesive

nail polish sticker

nail polish sticker

The latex-free cuticle stickers (item id #27347) are one alternative to applying liquid latex. They work for something as simple as painting your nails, to more complex nail art techniques like water marbling. I chose to try some out for a nail decal application. I personally think they work as well as liquid latex if not better. 

Pros: They cover more surface area than liquid latex. They don't leave residue or pieces behind when you peel them off. You can control the application of the sticker better than you can liquid latex.
Cons: They cost more than liquid latex.

These currently retail for $1.59 for a 10 piece sheet.

Mandala Design Floral Image Plate

nail art

nail art

nail art

nail art

The Mandala Design Floral Image Plate (item id #29988) exceeded my expectations. I found it to be incredibly easy to pick up the image regardless of what stamper or polish I used. There are so many different ways to use this plate that I had to just pick one and go with it. There were a couple of small scratches on the plate when I got it, but they were simply cosmetic. 

The Mandala Plate currently retails for $1.59. That's quite a steal!

To recreate this look you will need

  • Bliss Polish- Captivating Cancun Trio 
  • Born Pretty- Mandala Design Floral Image Plate
  • Born Pretty- Latex-Free Cuticle Protecting Adhesive
  • clear jelly stamper
  • dotting tool
I had a great first experience with the Born Pretty Store, and I'm looking forward to sharing more products with you in the future. 

You can find all of the products I reviewed and more nail art inspiration linked below. If you decide to make a purchase, be sure to use code: CBLW10 for 10% off your purchase. If five people use the code, Born Pretty said they would sponsor a giveaway for you guys!

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