16 Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Friday, October 28, 2016

This is the mother of all Halloween nail art posts. I've done so many Halloween themed manis that I thought I would take a moment and round up my favorites. Some of these looks contain press samples. They are not individually labeled here, but if you do decide to click the header for each image, it will say "press sample" at the top of each post when applicable.

Here's a quick collage of the looks that will be featured in this post. If you would like to learn more about each look you can click the header to be redirected to the main post.

nail art

I'm not going to lie, seeing these all in one place is kind of overwhelming. I almost wonder how much time I spent on all of these Halloween manis.

Frankenstein Halloween Nail Art featuring Anonymous Lacquer

nail art

I'm starting off with a classic Frankenstein's Monster mani. I think everyone should give this a try at least once. I've done it both freehand and stamped, but I prefer the stamped version because I still suck at freehand artwork.

Jackolantern Stamping featuring Firecracker Lacquer

nail art

Jackolanterns are so dang cute in mini form! This could be done via stamping or by hand. You could make these extra creepy by using a glow in the dark polish as the background.

Vampy Cats featuring Bliss Polish Bite

nail art

If you want something low-key that doesn't overtly scream "Halloween" I'm a fan of darker manis like this one. It's simplistic, but the arched black cats definitely let it qualify as a seasonal mani. Just please don't judge me when I use this image out of season.

Morgan Taylor Halloween Spiders and Witches Hats

Nail Art

This look is easy-peasy and sure to delight. It's important to start off with a glow in the dark base color for maximum fun. If you've ever stamped before, I assure you that you can do a gradient/marbled stamp. Instead of painting on the usual amount of polish to stamp, you simply alternate different colored dots along the edge of the image you want to stamp. When you scrape the image the colors will blend!

Blackheart Beauty Glow in the dark Halloween Coffin Mani

nail art

This one is really straightforward. Start off with a glow in the dark polish as your base and stamp coffins over the top. When you turn out the lights the coffins are dark against the glowing backgrounds. It's way more fun when you forget that your nails glow!

Spoopy Twin Pumpkin Mani

nail art

Remember how I said I wasn't great at freehand work? Yeah. Spoopy pumpkins are as good as it gets. I wore them with pride, and you can too! I find that people are always impressed when you make the effort to try something freehand... even when it ends up like this. 

Pahlish Sour Caramel Apple with UberChic Skulls

nail art

Once upon a time I bought a Halloween stamping plate after Halloween. I'm a rebel, so I said f-it and decided to enjoy these skulls out of season. It's never too late in the year to feel like a badass.

Painted Polish the Vampiest of Vampy Valentine

nail art

I know some of you may want to argue that these aren't Halloween themed at all. Just hear me out for a second! Think of all of the vintage or vampy horror movies you've seen. I know that you've watched at least one movie with dark, damask wallpaper. See? Vampy Damask Halloween nails! 

Morgan Taylor Dia de los Muertos featuring Born Pretty Bats

nail art

Matte all of the things! Well, in this case you just want to matte most of them. Start with a gradient base, matte that, and top it off with some glossy bats. The contrast between textures is sure to grab your attention!

Joy Lacquer This Many Treats Should Be Ill-Eagle Graveyard Nail Art

nail art

You can't have Halloween without a few gravestones. This spooky look combines key Halloween elements like bats and twisty trees to make sure people know you're serious about this holiday. 

Lacquer Lust Unicorn's Brew

nail art

If you want to keep it light an simple I would suggest picking something like this. A silver holographic base can really brighten things up. 

Witch Halloween Nail Art featuring Painted Polish

nail art

If you're feeling a little witchy you might prefer to sport these striped, purple witch legs.

Minimalist Bats featuring Bliss Polish and UberChic Beauty

nail art

If you're still not up for a complex Halloween mani, minimalist bats might be the way to go. They're cute, and let people know you dig Halloween without being loud.

Joy Lacquer Chick or Treat with Rainbow Spider Nail Art

nail art

Spiders don't have to be a terrifying part of your Halloween mani. You can always turn them into rainbow gradient spiders. That said, if I saw a rainbow spider in real life I would probably flee for my life. 

Skull and Crossbones Halloween Nail Art featuring Painted Polish

nail art

If you haven't caught onto the miniature theme yet, you are missing out! Miniature nail art is rad because people actually have to come up and check out your nails instead of judging them from afar. When they see these bad boys up close they are going to know you mean business.

Dem Bones Halloween Nail Art featuring Girly Bits Cosmetics

nail art

If most of your manis turn out dark this time of year, it can be fun to add a bit of color. While I love realistic nail art, sometimes you just need some bright purple bones.

Hopefully, this collection of Halloween looks will help you choose a mani for the 31st. If you post an inspired creation on Instagram be sure to tag it with #lookcbpl so that I can check it out!

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