ittse The Seacliff Collection Swatches & Review

Thursday, October 27, 2016

ittse The Seacliff Collection Swatches & Review- Press sample

Very little in this world makes me feel as wonderful and pampered as brand new makeup. There's something just delightful about opening up fresh pans of eyeshadow and giving them that first swipe. If you don't research your makeup before purchasing, there's also that moment of truth. Will the eyeshadow have good pigment payoff, or will it end up in the bottom of your drawer in a week?

I'm hoping that my review of ittse's The Seacliff Collection will help you decide if this collection is right for you. I can tell you that this palette is definitely not sitting in the bottom of my drawer!

ittse The Seacliff Collection

eyeshadow pans
ittse The Seacliff Collection & Magnetic Palette in Uptown Grey

makeup packaging

Before we get into the swatches I want to take a moment to talk about how much I adore ittse's packaging. It's incredibly cohesive and adds a sense of playfulness. I appreciate well thought out packaging, so ittse get's a A+ for design.

eyeshadow pans

makeup pans

makeup palette

ittse's palettes are magnetic and fit one full curated collection or up to twelve eyeshadow pans. If you keep the plastic clamshell each pan is packaged in, you can easily store them when you want to mix up your palette. If you are crazy like me, you will probably just buy another palette because it's way more fun to see all of your colors at once.

eyeshadow swatches
ittse The Seacliff Collection swatches

From top to bottom: Zanzibar (highlighter), The Sunset (bronzer), Alabaster, Papyrus, Brut, The Martinez, Santorini, Hyphy, Pacific, Ocean Beach, Montmartre.

These were swatched and photographed in natural light with no primer or foundation. This is why the colors vary from the ittse The Seacliff Collection listing.

eye makeup

eye makeup

For this look I started with Alabaster in my inner eye area and blended it out to cover a third of my eyelid. From there I worked Santorini into the middle section of my eye. I finished the look by using Ocean Beach in the outer corners. As you can see, the color payoff is much better when you use a an eyeshadow primer. 

All of the pigments blend easily, and I didn't have to apply very much powder to achieve the look I was going for. I wore this look out for the day and had no issues with fading. 

I am whole-heartedly in love with ittse's The Seacliff Collection, and especially Santorini. I don't think I would have picked up that shade on my own, but I find that I reach for it quite frequently. 

The ittse The Seacliff Collection retails for $79.99 plus s&h. The ittse Uptown Grey Makeup Palette is sold separately for $21.99. 

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