Jackolantern Stamping featuring Firecracker Lacquer and UberChic Beauty

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Jackolantern Stamping featuring Firecracker Lacquer and UberChic Beauty- Press sample

Halloween isn't Halloween without pumpkins and jackolanterns. The more intricate and spooky the carving, the better! While I may not be a master pumpkin carver, I happen to have a couple of jackolantern stamps that will do just the trick! Today's nail art was inspired by the #clairestelle8halloween challenge prompt and a gorgeous new polish from Firecracker Lacquer.

Today's post is going to give you a sneak peak of Firecracker Lacquer Caramel Dipped and an updated review of UberChic Beauty.

halloween nail art

Firecracker Lacquer Caramel Dipped isn't available for purchase yet, but it will be listed soon! Stay tuned for swatches coming next week.

jackolantern nail art

halloween nail art

halloween nail art

Product list

halloween nail art

I wanted to take a moment and talk to you guys about the UberChic Beauty Halloween 02 plate. If you've been with me for a while, you might know that I stopped purchasing from UberChic Beauty because the plate quality had dipped. If not, you can read about that in my UberChic Succulent Plate Review. I have not purchased any new plates from UberChic since that post, but I actually won a couple of them in a giveaway I entered a few weeks ago. 

I figured now is a great time to give UberChic a newer review. I was curious to see if they had changed the material of their plates, so I got out my scale and weighed a handful of plates to get a baseline. All of my plates weigh between 45g-46g +/- 1g. This leads me to believe that the plates were actually getting bent in part of the manufacturing process and that the change in quality was not based on the basic materials. All three plates sent to me in the giveaway sit entirely flat on my desktop and do not appear to be bent in any way. So far, I've only tested the images pictured above on the UberChic Beauty Halloween 02 plate, but it seems as though the quality control has improved. I am a huge fan of Halloween, so I will keep you guys posted if I run into any issues with my new plates.

It really sucked to quit my favorite stamping habit earlier this year, but things may change. While I can't say for sure that UberChic Beauty has improved the quality of their plates, I can say that I feel more optimistic about the brand right now. I may even shop with them if things continue to go well. 

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