Joy Lacquer Chick or Treat with Rainbow Spider Nail Art

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Joy Lacquer Chick or Treat with Rainbow Spider Nail Art- Press sample

I don't know if you guys were with me last year, but if you were you might remember the @clairestelle8 challenges I participated in. They've always been a fun way to challenge myself, but I don't always have time to commit to them. With Halloween coming up, I knew I had to make time for this challenge. Here are the challenge prompts if you'd like to play along:

Halloween is traditionally dark and spooky, but I was feeling exactly the opposite of that when I was picking out colors for this mani. It's atypical of the season, so I hope you like it!

spider nail art

spider nail art

spider nail art

Rainbows aren't usually creepy but I would probably freak out if I encountered a rainbow spider... after I took photos of course!

Products used

  • Joy Lacquer- Chick or Treat
  • Lou It Yourself- Totally One Cidered. I Have the Scarves to Prove It, You Autumn Know, Wooling It Over
  • UberChic- Halloween 01

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