Moyra Plate 6 Florality 1 Plate Review

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Moyra Plate 6 Florality 1 Plate Review- Press sample

After seeing Moyra stamping plates across Instagram and seeing them again in person at Cosmoprof, I really wanted to give them a try. Today's post focuses on Moyra Plate 6 Florality 1.

Moyra is known for their highly detailed images and uniquely themed plates, and Florality 1 lives up to that expectation. With twenty highly detailed designs there are a lot of options to choose from. The demos at Cosmoprof North America 2016 make this look like a piece of cake, but I personally found that this plate needs some patience and finesse.

nail art stamping plate

The images aren't etched as deeply as a MoYou London plate, so you have to be extremely careful about how you scrape the polish off. I found that an ultra light hand plus slow drying stamping polish works best. My demo below used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Silver Sweep, but I probably wouldn't recommend that unless you are extremely fast at stamping. 

I tried an assortment of stampers with this plate, but I found that only the medium firmness black stamper would work. Unfortunately, none of my clear jelly stampers could pick up the image. This can make placement difficult if you are used to using the clear jelly stamper for everything.

flower nail art

flower nail art

Products used

I adore the fine details of this plate, but it was disappointing that I couldn't get it to work with my clear jelly stampers. I'm kind of on the fence about purchasing additional plates just because I prefer to use clear stampers. Based on images alone, I would definitely pick up a few more plates. If you are someone that needs to use a clear stamper for placement I would probably pass on these unless you make a lot of nail art decals. 

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