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Monday, January 16, 2017

Baroness X Unicorn Box- Press sample

Hey guys! I wanted to take some time to give you all a review of a partial Unicorn Box from Baroness X. She's kind of the queen of subscription boxes, so I knew it had to be done. While this was more of a gift than a press sample, I chose to label it that way since Demi and I are friendly and she sent this free of charge. As always, I will review things thoroughly regardless of friendship status.

Let's check out what came in the partial Baroness X Unicorn Box.

nail polish subscription box
Baroness X Unicorn Box
If you purchased the Unicorn Box you might ask me why you didn't get that white lotion-like thing in the back. At the time of photographing this I wasn't aware that I was also being used as a guinea pig. The lotion-like thing in the back was in a previous box, and is not part of the Unicorn Box, but we will get to that later.

fluffy jelly soap
Baroness X Little Fluffy Clouds Vegan Jelly Soap in raspberry & yuzu
This stuff smells delightful. I'm not usually a huge raspberry fan, but it's incredible when you mix it with yuzu. I have not yet finished off this tub, but I can tell you that my other jelly soap from Baroness X has lasted me over a month.

Little Fluffy Clouds Vegan Jelly Soap is not currently listed in the Baroness X store, but I have a feeling it will make another appearance in other boxes or on the website eventually. In the meantime, you can pick up a Wibbly Wobbly Jelly Soap for $5.50ea. If you need a recommendation I would definitely go for the Pistachio Macron one!

acetone additive vial
Baroness X Acetone Antidote in Razzugo
Notes of raspberry, yuzu, and mango make up this bright and fruity Acetone Antidote. This blend is unique to Baroness X and cannot be found anywhere else. As previously noted, I'm not normally a raspberry fan, but I can't stop smelling Razzugo. Now I just need to convince Demi to make more products with this scent.

While Razzugo is not currently the scent of the month, you can request it as a custom mix. The Acetone Antidote scent of the month currently retails for $3.75ea.

nail polish clean up brush
Baroness X Unicorn Horn Manicure Cleanup Brush
If this isn't the most magical nail polish clean up brush you've ever seen, I don't know what would amuse you. It's so freaking pretty, and it actually cleans like a dream. I've been testing this for the last month, and it's been through a lot. We've done a bunch of regular swatches together, several nail art decals, lots of stamped manis, and three water marbles. I would guess it's been through at least 40 rounds of clean-up if not more. 

Unlike the Elf concealer brushes, the Baroness X Unicorn Horn Manicure Cleanup Brush has stayed almost immaculate. The bristles are nearly as soft as the day it first arrived. To be honest, I think the reason the ends are a tiny bit stiff was because I was in a hurry yesterday. I didn't clean the bristles very well after the last use because I was hungry. It happens, you know? As a blogger, I've been through so many different clean up brushes over the years, and this is the first one to impress me. Did I tell you this is also a champ at cleaning up micro-glitter? Yeah, it does that too. At this point I'm honestly shocked you're still reading this. Go get yourself a cookie... or do some squats. Whatever makes you happy and feel rewarded. Oh, and do yourself a favor and pick up this brush. It will be one less clean up brush that ends up in a landfill.

The Baroness X Unicorn Horn Manicure Cleanup Brush is currently on sale for $6ea. The normal retail price is $8.

in-shower skin conditioner
Baroness X In-Shower Skin Conditioner in Midnight Pomegranate
This sneaky little product was not part of the Baroness X Unicorn Box, but I'm hoping it will become a regular staple in the shop. The In-Shower Skin Conditioner is just what it seems. This product is intended to be used after you wash with soap. The instructions tell you to step out of the shower stream and apply a desired amount of product to any area that needs hydrating. Once you rub in the lotion you can step back into the water stream and gently rinse the excess off. The effect of the conditioner is similar to that of a moisturizing bath. The main difference is that this doesn't leave you feeling greasy. 

nail polish stamper
Baroness X Clear Magnifying Stamper
This stamper is nothing short of enormous! It's more squishy than the original jelly stampers out there, but it's not the squishiest of all stampers in general. Compared to 6+ other stampers I own this one fits right in the middle of the squish rating.

nail polish stamper

I had a little bit of an issue with picking up an image at first, so I took the stamper head out and gently washed it using Dawn dish soap and cool tap water. After prepping it I had no issue with stamping. This stamper is slightly more rounded than my other stampers, so I found it was best to roll the stamper across the image plate instead of stamping straight down. The same technique works best for transferring the image to your nails. 

The Baroness X Clear Magnifying Stamper is currently on sale (as of 1/12) for $9. It normally retails for $12.

nail polish bottle
Baroness X Oracle II
Bow-chicka-wow-wow! That is one SEXY, shifty, glitter topper. This will look pretty over just about everything, but I wanted to swatch it over a neon blue for something different.

nail polish swatch

nail polish swatch

nail polish swatch

nail polish swatch
Baroness X Oracle II over Impala E Mara in low light
I can't get over how pretty these look together! This is one coat of Baroness X Oracle II over Impala E Mara. The combinations are endless with this shade, so if you own it be sure to experiment!

Baroness X Oracle II was an exclusive for the Unicorn Box. While this won't be listed for sale, you can opt in to future subscription boxes to get in on the fun. Check out the links below for updates on future boxes.

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