Bliss Polish Winter Cremes Water Marble

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bliss Polish Winter Cremes Water Marble- Press sample

I may not be someone who makes resolutions for the new year, but I did set a couple of goals for myself for this year of blogging. One of my goals was to do more nail art. This seems to be a recurring goal for me, but this year I made it a little more specified. This year's goal is to do more of what scares/challenges me. That means more water marbling, more nail art decals, and really anything else that I would do sparingly. To kick off my blog goal I decided to water marble with the new Bliss Polish Winter Cremes.

water marble nail art

This turned out to be quite an interesting marble. The colors look different together when they are marbled than when you place the bottles side by side. For example, Salmon seems to pull more orange in this combo.

water marble nail art

I still haven't quite conquered the bubbles, but they are so minor that you wouldn't normally notice them unless you are looking at a close up.

water marble nail art

Did I tell you that these were marbled without laying a base down first?! That's pretty dang bright imo. I don't mind laying down a white base first, but I appreciate when I don't have to. It can be quite a time saver.

water marble nail art

Will you guys be picking up the Bliss Polish Winter Cremes? If so, you can pick them up by following the links below.

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