Londontown Full Manicure Review

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Londontown Full Manicure Review- Press sample

Hey guys! I wanted to take a moment to share some products from Londontown today. This is a new-to-me brand, but I've certainly seen them around. Today's post is going to focus on a complete manicure system including the incredibly innovative Londontown Smudge Fix.

Nail Hardener Base Coat

nail polish base coat

I can't really speak on whether or not this made my nails harder because I don't usually have weak nails. What I can say is that this made a great base coat under other Londontown colors. I would rate in as being on par with the current base coats I use. If you need an additional boost in strength this might be a good option for you. The general instructions recommend using this under any Londontown shade, or use it alone for up to seven days while adding a new coat each day. 

Invisible Crown

nail polish swatch

nail polish swatch

nail polish swatch

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: Pale pink crelly
Coverage: 2 coats
Notes: This is a bit sheer for what I generally prefer, but I think it offers a nice, clean, natural look.

Gel Genius Top Coat

nail polish top coat

Londontown Gel Genius Top Coat is a sun curing top coat (no lamp needed). I swatched this on a sunny day, so I couldn't say how well it works if you live somewhere overcast. I don't know a lot about the technology behind sun curing gel, but my guess is that it won't have the same effect without the sun's uv rays. 

I used this top coat over Invisible Crown (previously swatched above). As you can see, the shade appears even softer with the top coat.

Londoner Love

nail polish swatch

nail polish swatch

nail polish swatch

Formula: Nice consistency
Finish: Bright red with orange undertones
Coverage: 1 coat
Notes: This is one of the more orange leaning reds that I own. It's quite bright and definitely different from all of the reds I own. I think I probably purchase cooler toned reds which is why this one sticks out so much.

Smudge Fix

nail polish repair
There are two different ways to use Londontown Smudge Fix, so I picked the "for smudges" option. As you can see between the before and after photo, it does a decent job recovering from the damage. That said, I almost wonder if I should have used the instructions for minor nicks and dents. If you look at the left side of the smudged area you will notice that there is still a lump along the edge of the smudge. Smudge Fix didn't fix that lump, and a top coat didn't smooth it out. While the lump is still there, I would always pick Smudge Fix over redoing my mani. It's definitely not perfect, but it's the most innovative, and useful smudge fix product out there.

To purchase any of the Londontown products featured here you can find them in the shop link below.

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